The Smart Farm Open Platform


GreenLogix is a High-Tech company that provides a Smart Farm Platform based on a unique leading-edge IoT acquisition engine that can collect data from hundreds of connected sensors. The platform processes the data and provides automated controls, visualization, predictive analytics and remote access.


Companies across many industries are waking up to the digital reality of the Internet of Things (IoT). GreenLogix Smart Hub can monitor nearly every aspect of your environment through it's IoT acquisition engine that can connect to many types of sensors:
  • Climate Sensors
  • Plant and Soil Sensors
  • Water Sensors
  • Weather stations and global weather feeds

The system is Open, Modular and Scalable and will adapt to new type of IoT devices as they come on the market.


GreenLogix can control many type of equipments throughout your entire facility and simplify your operations through remote control and intelligent automation control.

Every connected device can be managed through presets or by setting goals and letting the autonomous component create optimum conditions.


Your entire operation at your finger tip

As Even small changes in the climate, lighting and nutrient dosages can impact plant yield and quality, real-time data and smart automation is the key to more efficient and profitable operations.

The comprehensive GreenLogix software available on any platform allows you to access real time and historic data of the smart farm and be alerted of any particular condition.

It’s an easy to use interface that can adapt to any environment.


Superior Plants Require Superior Growing Conditions

The platform provides Automation with Rule-Based scheduling to control devices such as pumps, heating and cooling systems, fans, dosing systems, etc.
To go beyond traditional automation, GreenLogix uses predictive analytics and artificial intelligence and provides Autonomous functions.

Smart Benefits



Your entire operation at your finger tip

Information is key to protecting your investment by reacting quickly and taking the right decisions.


Easy management

The combination of intelligent automation and remote control greatly simplifies operations.


Increase speed and efficiency

Take control and optimize the use of resources such as water, energy, fertilizer and more.


Boost your bottom line

Real-time data and smart automation is key to more efficient and profitable operations for your business.

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