Integrated Grow Management Solutions


GreenLogix provides smart industrial-grade grow management solutions for private and professional growers to cost-efficiently and securely manage the different grow cycles and produce healthier crops and higher yields.


GreenLogix IoT acquisition engine is compatible with a wide variety of market sensors:
  • Climate Sensors
  • Plant and Soil Sensors
  • Water Sensors
  • Weather stations and global weather feeds

The system is modular and scalable and will adapt to new type of IoT devices as they come on the market.


GreenLogix Smart Hub is the brain of the system. It provides:
  • Network connectivity for modules and sensors
  • Power to wired sensors
  • Real-time capture
  • Storage and processing of data
  • User Interface software

The Smart Hub also connects to the Cloud to provide further storage and analytics on the data collected.


Your entire operation at your finger tip
The comprehensive GreenLogix software available on any platform allows you to access real time and historic data of the smart farm and be alerted of any particular condition.

Every connected device can be managed through presets or by setting goals and letting the autonomous component create optimum conditions.

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